Equine Services

Here is a list of our recommended services for your horse(s!). And don't forget to check out occasionally posted articles and notices especially for horse owners. We provide limited medical and surgical services for horses. We can do this at the clinic, or Dr. Allen can come to your farm. We can provide these services at our hospital, or at your farm (farm call charge= $50 plus $1 per mile- one way from the clinic)

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    Castrations, Laceration repair and Small Mass Removals.

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    Diagnostic Testing

    Coggins Test, Intestinal Parasite Screening, In house CBC, In house chemistry panels and Radiography.

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    Tetanus, Eastern/ Western encephalitis, Rhino/ Influenza, West Nile virus, Rabies and Strangles.

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    In addition, we treat injuries, colics, chokes, respiratory infections, skin problems, Euthanasia services, including a cremation company and if desired Interstate health certificates. For teeth floating, we recommend equine dentist, Jason Cashin-…